Steps To Take If You Have Water Damage In Your Basement

Flooding in the basement can cause a lot of damage. It could lead to loss of your valued possessions. If you act quickly, you have high chances of reducing the damage caused by the water. Water damage should not be taken lightly. If you leave your basement damp or you leave damp items in the basement you are creating the perfect conditions for mold growth. Mold not only ruins your furniture and walls but also leads to poor indoor air quality which could lead to respiratory problems such as asthma. Below are the steps you should take if you experience flooding in your basement.

Step 1: Disconnect the power
You should never go into the basement before you turn off the power. If you do so you risk being electrocuted. If the circuit breaker is located in the basement then you should call a professional electrician.

Step 2: Drain the water
Before you can drain the water, first check where the water is coming from and ensure you close the water gauge to that section of the house. It is wise to use the old fashioned way to dry the water using buckets, towels and mops. You can pour the water down the drain or on your lawn. You can also opt to use a vacuum but be careful to plug it in away from the water. After draining all the water dry the basement using a fan or a dehumidifier.

Step 3: Deal with the damp objects
After successfully draining the water and drying the basement, you should not leave behind the damp items. Remove all the wet items from the basement and place them in an area where they can dry. Dispose all the items that cannot be salvaged.

Lastly, take the necessary steps to ensure that mold does not grow as this could cause health concerns for those living in your home.

If you have water damage and need repairs or need a skilled claims consultant, contact the team at ICON Restoration today.

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